Hey Y’all, I’m Olivia, creator of Sweet Pea!  I am a social worker by day, fashion and lifestyle blogger by night. I created Sweet Pea as a place to document all of the things I love! On Sweet Pea you’ll find my own personal style, interior design inspiration, fitness tips and tricks, recipes, and everything “Olivia.”  I am a Team Beachbody Coach and I love inspiring others to be comfortable in their own skin and to make healthy lifestyle choices.  I also work as a Sales Associate at J.Crew and have been with them since 2014.  This job really started out as a way to afford my shopping habits in college, but has really flourished into something I am passionate about.  Styling clients (and myself) has pushed my creativity and was one of the things that inspired this blog. I am also an Amazon affiliate, which is why I have links to my favorite products from Amazon on the right side of my page! So, if you’re just joining in or have been here from the beginning stages, thank you so much for your support! xo – Liv

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